What is a DSO

What is a DSO? For many dental professionals, Dental Support Organizations (DSO’s) offer the only opportunity they have to successfully practice their craft. First and foremost, Dental Support Organizations (DSO’s) play a vital role in the fight against oral disease. If not for the opportunity offered by DSO’s, many practicing dentists would be unable to navigate the increased liability and compliance requirements in addition to their practice management responsibilities, not to mention the increasing debt carried by dental grads to open and manage a successful dentist practice. But the movement toward the DSO model is also reflective of a lifestyle that offers flexibility, work-life balance, and the opportunity to gain valuable experience before striking out as an independent practitioner (American Dental Association Survey.)

Combine the lifestyle benefits with the financial freedom, and you can understand the continued growth of the DSO model. As recently as 2010, DSO’s represented 6% of Total Dentists. By 2019 that number is expected to increase to 14% (Columbia University College of Dental Medicine), as dentists continue to seek practice management relief.

. Through collaboration with the ADA, the AGD, and other leading professional organizations, the ADSO business model is committed to assisting dentists in a common goal – the improvement of oral health in the United States through the accessibility of high-quality dental care.

– Average US Dental Graduate Debt, measured from 2005-2015

What about ME? WE give you:

  • Work-life Balance
  • Professional Growth
  • Continuing Education
  • Competitive Compensation
  • Performance-based Culture
  • Leadership Opportunities

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