What a Celestial Sight!

The DentalOne Partners home office was excited for the August 21 “Great American Total Solar Eclipse,” a spectacle that hasn’t’ happened within the continental U.S. since 1979. This is also the first ever total solar eclipse in which the path of totality is exclusive to the U.S.

“The company took time to make sure we had designated glasses to allow us to view an amazing Solar Eclipse,” said Fee Schedule Specialist, Rockiesha Richardson. “And for everyone, whether they had or hadn’t seen it before, it was an amazing sight to see.”

Home office employees were ready to view this celestial event as they took some time out of their working day Monday and headed outside for the spectacle. The Feel Good Committee ordered pizza, safe solar eclipse glasses for viewing, and some refreshing ice cream for cooling down afterwards. According to Space.com, Dallas residents would be able to see about 76.52% of the total eclipse at 1:09 PM CST. Dallas is not within the path of totality, but only a quarter of the sun will still be visible to residents. Employees were gearing up; for some this was the first U.S. total solar eclipse during their lifetime, and for others, it was a chance to see this natural phenomenon again.

“The Feel Good Committee felt it would benefit the DentalOne home office employee’s to take a break from their desk and enjoy the Solar Eclipse since it is a rare occasion,” said Jackie Bressie, member of the Feel Good Committee. “Bringing the teams together for a special occasion is what the Feel Good Committee likes to do.”

An eclipse takes place when the moon passes in between the sun and the Earth and therefore blocks parts or all of the sun. From beginning to end, the process can take up to 3 hours, however for those watching for the total eclipse, it will only last for a matter of minutes to them. Many claim it looks and feels eerie, and in fact a solar eclipse has shown to effect animals’ behavior, the brighter stars and planets are more visible, birds and squirrels nest, cows return to the barn and crickets chirp. It also has shown to decrease both light and air temperature, making for a fairly spooky few minutes.

This rare event was seen by millions, about 12 million within the path of totality, who stopped what they were doing around mid-day to catch a glimpse of what might not happen again for many years. The total solar eclipse will span from Lincoln Beach, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, and anyone in between will be able to observe the moon completely covering the sun and the atmosphere around it. For those not within the path of totality, a partial eclipse will still be witnessed, in which part of the sun’s disk will be covered by the moon. It is expected that all of North America will be able to see some, if not all, of the solar eclipse, and parts of South America, Africa and Europe will be able to see a partial eclipse.

It is estimated that the next North American solar eclipse will be just 7 years away in 2024, and the path of totality just might make its way through Texas that time!

Facts were provided by NASA and Space.com.


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