Vice President of Talent Acquisition John Whitaker Talks HR on the Radio


Vice President of Talent Acquisition at DentalOne Partners John Whitaker has done his fair share of interviews and conferences, but most recently he joined radio host Michael Cameron on his Win-Win@Work FM Radio Show.

He discussed many topics in the 30-minute segment ranging from gaining and retaining talent, HR’s teamwork with other departments and what HR’s future could look like.

Hear some of the insightful answers John gives about DentalOne Partners and what the talent acquisition team is doing to create a successful talent acquisition and employee engagement strategy.


Q: How is being patient-focused part of the DentalOne culture?



Q: How does DentalOne Partners’ CEO Tom Marler support the talent acquisition team? 



Q: Do you think the recruiting process could ever become fully automated?


Want more? Catch the entire interview here!

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