Upward Mobility of Women, According to Dr. Asia Richardson

We continue our National Business Women’s Week series with a conversation on upward mobility with Dr. Asia Richardson.

Everyone starts somewhere in the workplace, and typically that somewhere is in an entry-level position. Work hard, achieve results and go above and beyond the request at hand are some common spoken words in the workplace. Abide by these ideals and promotions are more likely to occur, or at least that’s what we’re told.

To understand more on the topic of upward mobility, we asked Dr. Richardson for insight into her proven tactics of climbing the corporate ladder. After all, the ability to advance from entry-level positions to more challenging, higher-paying roles is often important to employees.

Dr. Richardson, who has worked in the dental industry for 12 years and recently joined the DentalOne Partners family as of September 2017, was an associate and regional doctor at another Dental Support Organization (DSO) before coming on board. She is now a practice owner over five DentalWorks locations in North Carolina.

The acronym P.A.C.E most notably encompasses the factors that led to Dr. Richardson’s successes, great reputation and of course, vertical movement. P.A.C.E stands for Passion, Accountability, Consistency and Excellence. Let’s look at each of these traits in more detail.

Passion: As Confucius famously said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” If your heart is 100 percent in what you do, then success is likely more achievable. Dr. Richardson has a genuine passion and intention for what she does. “From the beginning of my dental career, the importance of those two values were instilled in me by my mentor, Dr. Cindy Roark,” Dr. Richardson said. Dr. Roark is another woman leader at DentalOne Partners who spoke on “Women in a Male-dominated Industry” for our National Business Women’s Week series.

Accountability: Create a reputation that you will deliver what is promised. For example, Dr. Richardson would tell her patients that she would call them after a procedure. “I always thought it was very important to call my patients the same day to check on them. I’d set an expectation, which holds me accountable,” Dr. Richardson said. Accountability instills trust, and trust builds a good reputation.

Consistency: Stability stems from consistency, and creating a stable environment is key. “I know it’s only been a month [since I started with DentalOne Partners], but the stability of DentalOne and their reputation in the DSO world makes them pioneers. They do things well. My experience coming into North Carolina has been a seamless transition. I have a world class staff and support. There’s always someone to answer a question or take care of any issue that I have, which is important,” Dr. Richardson said.

Excellence: Provide top-notch information, support and/or guidance (whatever that may look like for your role). Be proud of what you produce. “For example, don’t just deliver a service or give a training talk, but make sure what you’re delivering is excellent,” Dr. Richardson said.

Follow P.A.C.E. and you too may see stellar results. But, why should women become more predominant leaders at work?

Creating diversity and inclusivity of women in leadership roles is vital in the workplace as they comprise half of the world’s population. Today, women are earning more degrees than men, and this gender gap will continue to increase, according to the Department of Education, found in a Stanford article called “The College Puzzle.” With the progressive changes, gender roles are also frequently changing.

“Women have different ways of problem solving compared to men,” Dr. Richardson said in response to why women are important pieces to the corporate puzzle. She continued, “Women are resourceful and are used to multitasking. Many of the women who have attained executive status also have families, so once they are done at work, a second job begins.” On many different levels, women know how to manage multiple things at once in both a domestic and work environment.

DentalOne Partners is a pioneer in how it continues to promote and elevate women. “In some companies it’s a rarity to see women on the executive floor, but it’s great to work in an organization that values women the way that DentalOne Partners does,” Dr. Richardson said.

“Great leadership starts at the top with Mr. Tom Marler,” Dr. Richardson said of DentalOne Partners CEO. “He has assembled a great team. Sometimes I call them The Avengers, because it’s made up of all these awesome people [predominantly women] who lead all of these great departments.”

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