The Dreaded Phone Interview — 3 Lesson’s to Help You not Strike Out

Put me in a room for a one-on-one interview with a hiring manager, and I will knock it out of the park every time! Why? That’s easy. I’m excited and passionate. I can read social cues, and I will never walk into a room unprepared. It’s just in my nature. Many out there are the exact same, but as a recruiter who spends most of his time conducting phone interviews, it is overwhelmingly clear that not all candidates approach a phone interview the same way.

Have you ever been in a face-to-face interview while shopping? No? Then why would you be out shopping while on a phone interview?

Have you ever sat across from a hiring manager and said, “No, sir/ma’am, I have no idea what your company does or why I’m here”? How about, “No, sir/ma’am, I didn’t review any of the information you sent me”? If you did answer this way, I am betting you didn’t get the job.

Have you ever shown up for a face-to-face interview wearing your pajamas? I mean, I know kitty cat pajama pants are super awesome, but come on.

Lesson 1:

Treat a phone interview as if it were an in-person interview. Be somewhere quiet where you can focus.

Lesson 2:

Show excitement and interest in the position you’re interviewing for. Do research on the company and the person you are going to be meeting with. Then take a break, and research some more. The more you know, the better.

Lesson 3:

Sound awake and alive. When I conduct a phone interview with a candidate, I imagine I am a patient in a chair wearing shades with my eyes closed. I listen to every word and think, “Does he sound like he knows what he’s talking about? Does he sound pleasant or does he sound like he just finished a shot of whiskey with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth?”

Increase your chances of hitting the home run and landing that job by treating a phone interview with as much respect as an in-person interview.

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Author: Chad Fields, Regional Staff Recruiter 

Chad has been with the DentalOne family for nearly two years. He has 11 years of experience in human resources and six years in recruiting. He joined DentalOne because of the great mentorship opportunities from leaders like Vice President of Talent Acquisition John Whitaker. 

Fun Fact: He successfully hired 95 Hygienists in 2017. 

Be sure to connect with him on LinkedIn


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