Successful Compensation Negotiation 101 – Part 1

What are you Worth and What do you Want?

Negotiating your compensation when receiving a job offer is a critical component of moving forward in your career. However, before you get to that place, there are several things you need to think about to prepare. To ensure you effectively communicate your wants and needs to that prospective employer, be sure to do the following things in advance:

  • Do your research – make sure you know what you are worth.
    • Geographically/Cost of Living: You cannot expect to move to Mississippi and get paid what you did in California.
    • Years of Experience: Get paid what you’re worth. More experience should also get more pay.  Pretty simple.
    • Industry: Certain industries are known to pay more than others. A great resource to compare salaries on job position/industry is Glassdoor.
    • Technical Skill/Degree: What makes you stand out? Do you have your MBA? SQL Expert?  Certifications?
  • Ask yourself why you are looking to begin with.
    • Salary is important of course, but do you want to broaden your skillset?  Step into a new industry? Move closer to home?  There are many reasons you could be seeking a new opportunity. Looking at an offer from the perspective of what it can offer you personally is just as important as those $ signs.

Taking the time to do your research and thinking about what’s really important to you, will prepare you to ask for what you want and need. Don’t skimp on these two critical steps before getting that coveted job offer.

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Author: Lauren Bolsinger, Special Contributor 

Lauren graduated from the University of Mississippi and has three and a half years of recruiting experience under her belt. 

Fun Fact: Lauren has an obsession with Indian food.  It is her absolute favorite!

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