Stay Focused on Your Passion

Do you remember why you became a dentist? Was it to pay bills, advertise to drum up patients and call the plumber when the sink clogged? In addition to those must-dos, what about having the full responsibility of making patients and their oral health your No. 1 priority? Oh and what about ensuring you have the right people doing the right jobs in your office? Staffing alone can present a challenge and create a major malfunction if not done properly.

Chances are you became a dentist because you had a burning desire to treat patients with the highest standard of care – to get them out of pain, ensure their overall medical health and create beautiful, healthy smiles. So, why not zero in and make your patients your focus 24/7?

The Solution

Satisfaction is guaranteed when you know you have the opportunity to come to your practice and focus on patient care. Under the DentalOne Partners’ model, you will have an entire management team who supports you and ensures the business thrives. This includes revenue cycle operations, human resources, IT support and marketing just to name a few. Why not stay true to why you became a dentist and focus on your passion?

Don’t let anything get in the way of you focusing on your true passion! Click here to view our current Dentists openings across the country.


Author: Kathy Marin, Regional Dentist Recruiter

Kathy brings 30 years of insightful business experience centered on operations and recruiting.

Kathy’s goal is to be an active contributor to the professional growth of DentalOne supported practices by helping the most qualified and passionate professional dentists achieve their career goals.

Fun Fact: In her spare time, Kathy is an avid skydiver and continues to soar to new heights!

Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn!

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