Spotlight on… Operations Leader Shannon Kramer

Today, the spotlight is on Shannon Kramer. She’s the Operations Leader at DentalWorks Bloomingdale in Bloomingdale, Illinois. She joined the DentalOne family two years ago. Let’s dive into her Q. and A.!

Q: Why did you choose to join the DentalOne family? And what sets DentalOne apart from other organizations?

A: I chose DentalOne because of the values it sets forth. The patient care is exceptional! What sets DentalOne apart? The management, the family atmosphere and the camaraderie with each office.

Q: What three words would you use to describe your role and why?

A: Leader, role model and achiever. Leader, because you have to be able to do anything. I won’t ask my team to do anything I wouldn’t do myself! Role model, because I like to help my team in every aspect from Patient Relations Coordinator duties to cleaning rooms to tearing down/setting up rooms to being my team’s support system. I help my team members aspire to do better every day, and I like them to look up to me! Achiever, because at the end of the day, I like to leave feeling like I’ve accomplished my goals to the best of my ability.

Q: As a leader, how do you keep your team motivated and excited about providing top-notch patient care?

A: I stay positive through the tough times! I’m always there to lend a hand and show them that we are a team. By staying positive, we are all motivated to achieve the best results!!

Q: What advice would you give to others who are considering accepting a position as an Operations Leader with DentalOne?

A: It can be tough at times, but stay with it! The best is yet to come!

Q: What’s been your most memorable moment while working for DentalOne?

A: My first operation leader meeting. Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel like I belonged.

Q: What makes your team unique?

A: We are all from different ethnic backgrounds, but we mesh well together! We truly are a family! There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for each other!

Q: If you had to describe your team in one word, what would it be?

A: Family. We are always there for one another.

Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: The patients I get to see on a daily basis. The way a dental treatment can transform patients’ lives. When a smile makeover is completed, we all celebrate together!

Q: What is your motto or personal mantra and why?

A: You are only confined by the walls you build yourself. You can be “stuck” only if you want to be. You have to get out and see what’s possible. Don’t settle.

Q: What do our patient pillars (schedule, wallet and patient friendly) mean to you?

A: Being schedule friendly is the most important pillar to achieving goals. Being wallet friendly means don’t judge a book by its cover; you have to keep an open mind, and don’t assume patients can or can’t afford treatment. Being patient friendly means you treat every patient equally no matter what.

If you’re searching for a job that not only gives you coworkers but an actual supportive family that you can rely on, check out our current Operations Leaders openings.

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