Spotlight on… Operations Leader Hannah Pyles

Today, the spotlight is on Hannah Pyles. She’s the Operations Leader at DentalWorks Glen Ellyn in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. She joined the DentalOne family three years ago. Let’s dive into her Q. and A.!

Q: Why did you choose to join the DentalOne family? And what sets DentalOne apart from other organizations?

A: I started out as a Patient Relations Coordinator in Matthews, North Carolina, and I learned early on that we are ONE big family. Shortly after, I transferred to Illinois and was promoted to Operations Leader. DentalOne is a great company to work for, and I am very proud to be a member of the ONE family. What sets DentalOne apart is the amount of support we have at our fingertips to take advantage of if we are in need of it.

Q: What three words would you use to describe your role and why?

A: Cheerleader. My team always needs someone behind them cheering them on. Problem Solver. I am the “go to.” Passion. Being passionate about my job is a reflection of myself and creates a work environment my team wants to be a part of.

Q: As a leader, how do you keep your team motivated and excited about providing top-notch patient care?

A: I create a fun working environment and provide incentives when there is a job well done!

Q: What advice would you give to others who are considering accepting a position as an Operations Leader with DentalOne?

A: We have a great support system. We have reliable resources that we can reach out to for help.

Q: What’s been your most memorable moment while working for DentalOne?

A: When my team won a competition earlier this year, we were awarded with a team outing. We chose to go to an escape room, which we all enjoyed very much.

Q: What makes your team unique?

A: We truly are a one-of-a-kind team. Each one of us has that one piece of the puzzle that completes it.

Q: If you had to describe your team in one word, what would it be and why?

A: FUN! We always enjoy coming to work and working as a team while adding in a little fun throughout the day.

Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: Working with such a supportive group of people.

If you are in search of a work environment that incorporates both hard work and a little fun, our supported practices are the right place for you. We believe we are ONE family and treat each other like it, too! Discover our current Operations Leaders openings.

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