Skills for Women to Propel Their Careers Forward with SVP Melissa Marquez


Who says you can’t have it all?

In honor of National Business Women’s Week, I would love to share my story and some tips for anyone (especially females) that have a desire to propel their careers forward.

1. Know your value. Women often do not recognize their own value to a team or organization. It is common for women to say things like, “I don’t want to toot my own horn,” or credit luck or circumstances beyond their control when they succeed. While men are generally more comfortable sharing their wins. If you don’t believe in your own ability to contribute, who will? Humility is a wonderful thing, and it is possible to be humble and at the same time celebrate your accomplishments.

Melissa in 1999 as a DA

2. Choose fulfillment. You may know I began my dental career as a dental assistant, and made it a mission to learn about every other aspect in the dental practice. But you may not know, that no matter what role I have played on the team or title I carried, I have absolutely loved my job. I was as happy and fulfilled serving in the assistant chair as I am today serving in my operations role. If you are waiting “for the next big thing” or have thoughts like, “I’ll be happier at work when…”, you are holding yourself back from daily fulfillment and others will not recognize your future potential. What do you love about your job right now? Make that your daily focus. Bring your best self to your role today so that you can shine in your future role tomorrow.

3. Create a support team. Every person needs someone to challenge them, someone to encourage them and someone to advise them. Especially women in business. The journey to wherever you want to go is enriched by the relationships along the way. Seek out individuals that will give you honest feedback, encouragement to try again and really good advice. While I loved my private practice roots, the Dental Support Organization (DSO) model has provided me with the ability to develop an ideal support team and boundless opportunity.

Last but never least, do not set limitations on what you want in life, personally and professionally. Women often have a belief that they have to choose between professional advancement and personal gain. This is a total myth. Everyone, women and men, must find a balance between personal and professional responsibilities and goals. Decide what you want that to look like and then create it. Who says you can’t have it all?

Melissa Marquez, her husband and three beautiful children


Bio: Melissa Marquez joined DentalOne in 2004 and serves as a Senior Vice President of Operations. Melissa began her career as a dental assistant and has nearly 20 years of experience in the dental industry. Melissa joined DentalOne as an Operations Leader before transitioning to various operations-focused positions including Trainer, Director of Operations and Regional Vice President of Operations. In 2014, Melissa was honored with The Service Excellence Award Hall of Fame recognizing excellence in servant leadership and outstanding professional performance and achievement. She attended Western Texas College and graduated from the Dale Carnegie Leadership Program.

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