Shark Week Shenanigans

It’s the coveted Shark Week on Discovery Channel, but what’s more fierce is the Shark Week taking place at DentalOne Partners! The recruiting team, aka The Sharks, invited the entire company, all 160+ supported practices and the home office team, to join in their very own Shark Week celebration. This Shark Week celebrated a record-breaking June where the Sharks recruited more than 100 new candidates, and hoped for even more in July with the help of a company-wide referral contest.


“For me it was about creating a shared identity with the team. We had some new people, some tenured people, a whole mixture of backgrounds – we needed a brand that served as a rallying point for the entire team,” said Talent Acquisition Vice President, Johnathan Reaves Whitaker. “Once we selected the shark as our mascot, everyone embraced the idea. We ring a ship’s bell when we make a hire, we have inflatable sharks, we give out shark fin trophies (the BART Award), we have shark hats decorating the department, we communicate with shark memes, and we celebrate! The capstone of this celebration, of course, is ‘Shark Week.’ Recruiting is a tough job, and it can feel thankless at times – but this team knows we’re in it together. After all, it takes a shark to love a shark.”



Over the course of the week The Sharks received surprise goodies on their desks each day. Monday brought an awesome Shark Week beach towel, then on Tuesday, a stylish DentalOne Partners branded beach bag decorated their desks. Many loved the super creative shark-themed coffee mug that showed up Wednesday, and then Thursday surfaced some tasty shark gummies. Delicious! 


“We love Shark Week here in recruiting; it’s the best week of the year! We have an incredibly talented and hard-working team, and they’re dubbed The Sharks for a reason—so this is the perfect way to celebrate their amazing accomplishments and all of their success from the previous year,” said Manager, Staff Recruiting, Samantha Oakley.



But be careful, our recruiters are always looking for new blood to add to the DentalOne Partners team, and that’s why they rallied the teams by hosting the referral competition! From – Hygienists and Dental Assistants to Operations Leaders and Patient Relations Coordinators, everyone was called into action to refer qualified candidates. The different markets competed to see which one could refer the most people for jobs on  Once the week had ended, Director of Market Operations, Vimal Bhatnagar and his market submitted the most referrals and took home the coveted “Talent Ambassador” award.

Remember, if you know someone who would be a good fit here at DentalOne Partners or a supported practice, refer them today! It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3.  

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Referrals tab.
  3. Fill out the short form and submit!

It’s really that simple!

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