Save Your Bank Account

Even though you may have impressive production/collection numbers, a large proportion is eaten up by overhead expenses. YES – the bills have to be paid daily, monthly and forever, which generally means large loans and significant debt. The high cost of supplies, staff salaries, taxes, maintenance, health benefits, labs, equipment, etc., may leave you with only a very small percentage of the gross income for each month and year. What if I were to tell you that there was a way for you to still be a practice owner, avoid debt, maintain your autonomy, and focus on patient care all at the same time?

The Solution

Satisfaction is guaranteed when you are relieved of the headache of overbearing expenditures. Under the DentalOne Partners’ model, you don’t have to worry about all of the out-of-pocket costs that come along with running a successful practice. Also, when you partner with DentalOne, you receive a supportive, experienced management team to help ensure your success. This provides you with the opportunity to truly focus on your patients’ quality of life while earning a good living and saving your bank account!

 Are you ready for a much needed financial change? Click here to view our current Dentists openings across the U.S.


Author: Kathy Marin, Regional Dentist Recruiter

Kathy brings 30 years of insightful business experience centered on operations and recruiting.

Kathy’s goal is to be an active contributor to the professional growth of DentalOne supported practices by helping the most qualified and passionate professional dentists achieve their career goals.

Fun Fact: In her spare time, Kathy is an avid skydiver and continues to soar to new heights!

Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn!

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