Relocation Series: DentalWorks Sterling Heights

DentalOne Partners is growing its practices, innovating with new technology and inspiring team members and clinicians to provide an exceptional patient experience by relocating its Sears locations into state-of-the-art facilities.

DentalWorks Sterling Heights in Michigan opened the doors of its new home on August 8, 2017. This relocation was unique, because two Sears practices merged into one new location at the exact same time. 

Director of Market Operations Trisha Williams said, “The team members from each practice are typically the ones who handle moves, but we had the support of the whole Detroit region rallying together to get this relocation done.”

Trisha said moving out of Sears into a new practice has provided DentalWorks Sterling Heights’ team members with countless benefits already.

“They’re not having to walk through Sears every day and are now able to get into the practice when they want to be able to get into the practice. They are not restricted by the mall hours anymore,” she said. 

Trisha also said moving to a new location has increased traffic to the practice.

“The phone rings off the hook here, which is great. It’s a huge change, because they weren’t ringing that much in Sears. The phones are just going crazy,” she added.

Trisha said the new practice is a huge upgrade for all of the team members who had been working inside of Sears for years.

“They are loving the new equipment. They are loving the new building. It’s been really nice for them to have this new location,” she said.

Trisha added that the patients are just as in love with the new practice as team members are.

“The best part is when patients come in and they actually love what the practice looks like, too. I think sometimes they are more excited than everybody else to be somewhere new,” she said.

Trisha said what excites her the most about the new practice is being in a location that is not hidden inside of a mall.

“The most exciting part is the combination of the two teams together and the potential that it has for our visibility in a very very high traffic area; this is going to drive the business forward,” she said.

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