Relocation Series: DentalWorks Brookfield


DentalOne Partners is growing its locations, innovating with leading-edge technology and inspiring the highest standard of personalized dental care by relocating its Sears locations into state-of-the-art facilities.

We continue our relocation series that will take you through our journey as we make strides toward empowering and enabling team members and supported clinicians to help patients achieve the highest level of dental health.

DentalWorks Brookfield in Wisconsin opened the doors of its new home on September 12, 2017, when it relocated from its location in Sears to a brand new practice.

Operations Leader Heather Corstvet discussed the transition into the new practice.

“Everyone worked very hard. There was a lot of support,” she said. “Everyone who helped us [from the home office] really did a lot of great work.”

Heather specifically mentioned several members from the home office team who went above and beyond during the DentalWorks Brookfield relocation.

“Thank goodness they were there, because they were very supportive and helpful,” she added.

Heather said the team sees the new office as a home and that team morale naturally boosted since relocating.

“The practice has a very welcoming, pretty and decorative waiting room. The updated technology is really nice. Plus, now we have windows, bathrooms [located directly in our facility] and a thermostat,” she said. “We get a lot of compliments from the patients, too.”

The patients really like the new color scheme, but what Heather and the patients enjoy most is being able to offer and have access to better patient care.

“The patients see the value in all of the updated technology. For instance, the practice now has intraoral cameras that take photos within the mouth, and then, we’re able to put a photo screen right in front of the patient, which has definitely helped with patient education,” she said.

Intraoral cameras go inside the mouth to take pictures of a tooth. It’s not an x-ray, it’s an actual picture. And, the cameras are very beneficial.

“We can see if there’s a lot of plaque buildup, or if there’s a crack in the tooth, things that the patient wouldn’t be able to see otherwise,” she said. “The picture is then blown up on a screen in front of them. It’s very helpful when the doctors are going through and talking about their treatment.”

These intraoral cameras are of benefit to the patient because they can now see firsthand exactly what the doctor sees, which builds an even stronger trust between patient and doctor.

DentalOne’s supported practices are patient-friendly, wallet-friendly and schedule-friendly; we’re happy to see our patients are happy with the new state-of-the-art equipment, too.

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