Raising the Roof at Under One Roof

Regional Hygiene Director, Edgar Lucero and Hygiene Recruiter, Chad Fields had a blast at the Under One Roof (UOR) conference that took place on August 10 – 12 in Chicago, IL. The two were able to speak with more than 660 Hygienist about innovative dentistry and how DentalOne Partners’ supported practices and clinicians deliver that to patients daily. Even though the conference was held in Chicago, attendees came from all around including Texas, California, Florida, Missouri and many other states. Chad and Edgar enjoyed the opportunity to talk with so many Hygienist, both new to the field and those tenured to discuss DentalOne Partners’ & DentalWorks’ skyrocketing growth and the career opportunities. It’s icing on the cake when recruiters are able to see previous candidates they’ve hired, and this past weekend Chad got a wonderful surprise!

“At one point during the event I was scanning a woman’s badge and it said DentalWorks on it,” said Fields. “I asked if she worked with DentalOne Partners & DentalWorks, she said, ‘No, but my mother does’. Turns out I had interviewed her mother and extended an offer to her a few months back. Then, she went to get her mother who hugged me and introduced me to the rest of my extended DentalWorks family!”

The UOR conference is an annual conference dedicated to Registered Dental Hygienists. The three-day event offers educational sessions, an exhibit hall, lunches and receptions. UOR is great for RDH’s nationwide as they learn about new dental hygiene products and equipment on the exhibit floor, receive hands-on workshops from key leaders in the industry and have the ability to network at the after-hours receptions. RHD’s also could have earned up to 20 continuing education credits by attending the instructor lead courses.

Chad and Edgar arrived in Chicago and were ready for the three-day event starting on Thursday. The DentalOne Partners & DentalWorks booth was decked out with the company logo, awesome swag and the chance to win the booth’s raffle prize, a $300 spa day! Everyone loved the neon sunglasses and bright green company bags. As if the booth wasn’t cool enough, some awesome tunes were playing to attract RDH’s to come over to learn more about DentalOne Partners and supported practices.

“Lots of people came to jam out with us and all the vendors around us loved it as well. Even the people who ran the show came over and thanked us for the great music,” Fields said.

It’s important for DentalOne Partners & DentalWorks to attend events like UOR for many reasons. As the company continues to grow into more offices and soon different states, the supported practices will need talented Hygienists with a passion for patient care. This is a great way for both the recruiters and RDH’s to network for future opportunities, and stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest that the dental world has to offer. The conferences also serves as a great outlet to showcase DentalOne Partners being a superior Dental Service Organization.

“It is important for DentalOne Partners to be at these conferences so that, we as a great DSO, can have the exposure and have the opportunity to make an impact and educate new and seasoned dental providers about how a DSO supports practices so that the clinical teams can focus on patient care,” Lucero said. “We are a Dental Support Organization and I think the more the attendees understand our mission and values, the more they can understand we are not just the ordinary DSO.”

Next year the Under One Roof conference will be held at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in the D.C. area, August 1-3. Chad and Edgar are already excited about what we’ll be offering through the DentalOne presence there. Don’t have a FOMO for next year, sign up ASAP!

If talking to Chad and Edgar sparked your interest in opportunities at DentalOne Partners & DentalWorks supported practices, check out the careers site for openings in your area. Also feel free to reach out to them on LinkedIn, they are always happy to answer any questions you might have!

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