ONE Mission Challenge & 1st Assignment Winners

On Thursday, July 26, DentalOne Partners unified and connected on a deeper level nationwide during its live-streamed State of the Union address entitled “The Power of ONE.” The Executive Team had a desire to strengthen communications, trust and transparency within the company, and the ONE mobile app was launched in response.

The mobile employee engagement app made company history as more than 1,000 users downloaded it within the first few hours. Employees and supported clinicians immediately began engaging; there were more than 75 user-submitted posts, 900 click and 430 likes that night.

The excitement didn’t stop there. In an effort to immediately motivate everyone to get involved, the ONE Mission Challenge was announced; a 4-week-long competition to encourage employee engagement on the ONE app and reward those who participate.

Every week, starting on July 26, a new Mission Critical Assignment is released to everyone via the ONE app. The first assignment was to download ONE, log in and follow three channels in addition to the App Tips channel. The reward was being entered into a drawing for one of 40 Amazon eGift cards worth $30 each.

For the following three weeks, the assignments are going to get more challenging, but the prizes are also going to increase in value. The goal of the ONE Mission Challenge is to inspire employees and supported clinicians become part of the Power of ONE by actively engaging on ONE: liking content, submitting links and photos, etc. Every individual who completes all four assignments, will become a ONE Mission Champion.

This title comes with a prestigious challenge coin that will be a permanent symbol of achievement and pride within the company. The Champions will then be entered into the “ONE Mission Challenge Drawing” for a chance to win one of the following three prizes: 

GRAND PRIZE: The Ultimate Champion, along with one guest, will be given a round-trip flight to any destination within the United States and will receive a two-night hotel stay.

RUNNERS-UP PRIZE: There will be two runners-up. They will both be able to select any Executive of their choice to have dinner with. The Executive will fly to the city the Champion is located in and take him or her out to any restaurant. The Champion will also have the opportunity to ask the Executive any questions he or she would like.

The winners for the first assignment were announced August 2. One winner said, “Yay!!! Thank you so much, I have never won anything before, so this is exciting! Even my son was excited!”

Another winner said, “Yaaaaaay! I just won a $30 Amazon gift card! Thank you DentalOne! I can’t wait to shop!”

ONE is not just for Dental Hygienists, Operations Leaders, Dental Assistants, Patient Relations Coordinators, home office employees, etc. Doctors are also actively engaged and involved on the app. There was a total four doctors who won during the first assignment. One of them said, “Thank you!! I am so excited to be one of the winners!”

Congratulations to all of the winners of the first Mission Critical Assignment:

*There are 10 winners who haven’t sent in their photo. If you are one of them, please check your email and send in your picture, so that you can be featured in this post. 

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