National IT Professionals Day!

Today, we are honoring our IT professionals for all that they do in this always-on, always-connected world!

Whether it be laptops, monitors, docking stations, servers, phones, networks, etc., we rely on our IT team to do our jobs.

DentalOne Partners IT Team

Paul Austin, Gerald Conner, Sasmita Dash, Braxton Dorn, Gavin Gallagher, Larry Hale ll, Edward Holmsen, Michael Klos, Melissa Levitt, Raymond Mendoza, Prateek Moturi, Ramanathan Radhakrishnan, Reginald Ringgold, Michael Smith and Alan Strawinski.

On behalf of DentalOne Partners, thank you for serving the home office and supported practices, so that they can provide the highest level of patient care. We are extremely grateful for all of your efforts in keeping this organization running smoothly. You are valued and we appreciate the work that you do every day. You are a vital part of this company.


“We are so fortunate to have an IT team who always brightens our day—not only by solving our technological issues right away, especially with Dentrix conversions, but also by bringing levity to these sometimes frustrating situations and being so funny,” Jackie Vander Biezen, regional training consultant, said.

“Working in IT is not an easy task. Thank you for being diligent and working long hours to make sure the company is up and running,” Jackie Bressie, human resources technology, reporting and analytics supervisor, said.

“Our IT team came through in a big way when we set out to launch a mobile app for employee communications in a very short timeframe this summer. Prateek, Ram, Ed and I’m sure several others I’m not aware of, played a huge role in making it possible to launch the ONE app and connect all employees across 13 states,” Lindsay Williams, director of communications, said. “They have all stepped up to the plate and have continued to provide us with the support we’ve needed post launch.”

“IT has been very helpful with all of the WIFI issues and transitions that occurred during our new social media initiative. I believe everyone out in the field as well as in the Marketing department is appreciative of all of their help,” Candace Kent, associate marketing manager, said.

 “During my first week at DentalOne, I had multiple issues going on with my laptop, so I went to Mike Klos’ numerous times for help. I greatly appreciate his willingness to set everything aside and immediately help me resolve my computer problems,” Lindsey Iglesias, associate communications manager, said.

“I was having some technical issues with a couple programs on and off, and with the help from IT they were able to get me back up and working efficiently in the time it took for me to grab some coffee and conduct a quick follow up call to a Cleveland practice,” Theresa DiMarco, regional staff recruiter, said.


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