Spotlight on… Senior Hygienist Latoya Alexander

At DentalOne Partners, we believe in empowering clinicians to provide the highest level of quality patient care. That’s why we don’t just support Dentists; we also support Hygienists who are at the forefront of helping patients achieve optimal oral health.

Hygienists play a key role in the success of our supported practices; this is why we are shining the spotlight on them and the impact they make on patients every day.

Today, the spotlight is on Latoya Alexander. She’s a Senior Hygienist at DentalWorks Hendersonville in Tennessee. She joined the DentalOne family four years ago and has been an RDH for 14 years. Let’s dive into her Q. & A.!

Q: What made you decide to become a Hygienist?

A: After working for 10 years as a Dental Assistant, I realized I loved providing great patient care, but I wanted to have more one-on-one time with patients.

Q: Why did you choose to become part of the DentalOne family?

A: After reading numerous positive reviews about the company posted by current employees, I felt that a DentalOne supported practice would be a great atmosphere for me.

Q: If a Hygienist was considering joining a DentalOne supported practice, what would you tell him or her about personal development within the company?

A: To go for it!!!! You will be exposed to great co-workers, numerous learning opportunities and great leadership.

Q: What types of training and continued education does DentalOne offer you?

A: DentalOne offers laser certification, iGo training, Perio Protect training and annual OSHA training. DentalOne also utilizes the Learning Center. This system has multiple categories with additional training material.

Q: What are the benefits of being supported by DentalOne versus working in a private practice?

A: You have a lot more support at all levels when you work for a DentalOne supported practice versus working for a private practice. We also have Regional Hygiene Directors who are always there to assist in any way they can. They point you in the right direction. This helps you gain more knowledge that you are then able to pass along to others. Total teamwork.

Q: How does having access to all of the latest products and technology impact the level of quality patient care you provide?

A: It gives me the ability to offer the best options in order for patients to achieve the goal of optimal oral health.

Get to know Latoya on a personal note!

Q: What’s the most recent app you’ve downloaded but are yet to use?

A: Bubble Whirl. I love the online games.

Q: Given a chance, who would you be for a day and why?                                

A: My daughter. Some days, I just want to know what goes through that brain of hers!

Q: Are you a spring, summer, fall or winter person and why?

A: Definitely summer. I love my sandal collection.

Q: If you could time travel, would you go to the past or to the future?

A: Definitely the past.

Q: What’s one thing about you that surprises people?

A: I’m really a quiet person.

If you are looking to join a team that supports you in every way possible and empowers you to reach new heights in your career, check out our current Hygienists openings across the country!

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