Hygiene Hires are Here!

It’s no doubt the entire recruiting team, aka The Sharks, are always working hard and hiring quality talent. Specifically, Hygiene Recruiters Anna Patrick, Chad Fields and Cynthia Sheeler have been working hard and cranking out some great supported Hygienist hires these last two months. Since the beginning of the year, 93 supported Hygienists have joined supported practices, and 39 of those have joined in the last two months!

“It’s incredibly gratifying to match quality candidates with strong opportunities in record time,” said Regional Staff Recruiter, Cynthia Sheeler.

Hygienists work hard preforming hygiene procedures that help to build and strengthen the patient relationship. It’s very important for the Hygiene Recruitment team to recruit great talent quickly so there is a fully-staffed Hygiene team at the supported practices.

“As providers, Dental Hygienists are a key aspect of a practice’s success and a vital resource for patients,” said Hygiene Recruiter, Anna Patrick. “It’s important to identify quality talent quickly so that the practice and patients aren’t without their expertise.”

On average, these three recruiters were seeing just more than 11 starts each month, but in July a whopping 19 Hygienists started! Then just last month, they decided they wanted to beat that, and 20 new Hygienists were added to the DentalOne supported practices. The recruiting team also decided a Hygiene Coordinator would help the recruiters spend more time searching for quality candidates and moving them forward in the process. Audra Stamp was brought on as Hygiene Coordinator in July to help coordinate interviews with the hygiene candidates. The hygiene recruiting team is excited to see these hires thriving in the supported practices, and the supported practices are happy to see open positions being filled so quickly.

“Given that we’re such a hygiene friendly organization, it only makes sense that we needed to focus the staff recruitment efforts to those providers,” said Manager of Staff Recruitment, Samantha Oakley. “We’ve been able to designate a recruitment team solely to hygiene; we love being able to contribute to an organization that cares so much about being patient friendly by providing quality hygiene care.”

As DentalOne Partners continues to add more supported practices across the country, the recruiting team will continue to work hard to staff all positions needed. Many will say it’s a great company to work with, check out the 4.0 GlassDoor rating, and we hope that all dental enthusiast and geniuses will consider a career with DentalOne Partners. Interested in learning more? You can connect with the recruiters on LinkedIn, or you can visit the careers page and get your career with DentalOne Partners started today!

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