How to Attract New Patients to Your Dental Practice

If there is one thing all dental practices need to be able to function it is patients.  Without patients, there is not much point in opening the doors or hiring employees.  Perhaps you are able to get some patients to your practice by telling your friends and family about where you work.  But, there has to be more than that to attract new customers and successfully sustain a profitable dental practice.

The first and most obvious thing that comes to mind is advertising – right?  But, advertising is not as simple or straightforward as it used to be.  Before you would either take out an ad in the local paper or pay for local television or radio advertising.  Now, not everyone listens to local radio or watches local television and most people no longer get the local paper so what options remain?  How do you market to people in your local area that would be likely to visit your dental practice in an economical and effective way?  One of the first and most important things any modern dental practice should do is get a good website.  We don’t just mean buying a website template, putting some information about your practice on the site, and calling it a day.  Today you need a high quality website with optimized content that can help your website convert into sales.  For example, if your website has optimized content it will increase its search engine ranking making it more likely for someone to find out about your dental practice when they do a search for a dental practitioner in your area.  Most people are not going to scroll far down on the page or to the second page of a search engine to look for a dentist, they assume the highest ranked ones in the search engine are the best and most popular so they will likely call those first.  In addition to a high quality website that is SEO optimized and converts, you may want to invest in “pay per click” advertising or PPC.  PPC will strategically place your dental practice ad in front of people so that they are more likely to click the ad and then you pay a small fee each time the ad is clicked.  Additionally, do not discount the power of social media.  Having a strong and effective social media presence is an important part of any business marketing plan today.

It is important to never forget the power of the people.  One of the final and best ways you can generate more patients for your dental practice is word of mouth advertising.  The better experience that your patient has the more likely they are to tell a friend about you.  Additionally, you can encourage them to snap a picture in front of a wall or with the dentist and share about your practice on social media.  What often works best is a combination of these methods and in no time you should be seeing more patients in your dental practice!


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