Fairy Dust and Tutu Skirts…It’s #NationalToothFairyDay


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Not sure if there is a more exciting holiday for the dental industry than #NationalToothFairyDay. It may not have a whole month dedicated to it, or delicious egg-shaped candies, but it’s a day where anyone can dress up in fairy wings and tutu skirts, skip around the office and spread fairy dust and chocolate coins to all. Sounds like a pretty awesome day to us!



Here at DentalOne Partners and its supported practices, #NationalToothFairyDay is a BIG DEAL! Not only are key members of the home office sporting their best Tooth Fairy outfits, so are all the Directors of Market Operations (DMOs) across the country.  The DMOs will be showcasing their best Tooth Fairy outfits and visiting the practices they support to bring some cheer (and laughter) to both staff and patients!

“Today was great even though I have glitter covering my arms and face,” said Regional Hygiene Recruiter, Chad Fields. “I was able to visit local practices in this awesome hand-made costume, people were loving it! I felt like the real Tooth Fairy!”







Believe it or not, the Tooth Fairy even needs to get a teeth cleaning. Registered Dental Hygienist, Adriana Young worked on one of the look-alike Tooth Fairy’s today. Chad was due for a cleaning and team members at Riverchase Dental Care couldn’t be happier to treat this “Tooth Fairy!”

While the Tooth Fairy is still a very prominent figure in childhood (and adulthood) stories and traditions, this wasn’t always the case. Rituals of what to do with lost baby teeth have been around for hundreds of years, and some get pretty interesting. A few thought it was best to throw it over the roof of the house, while others burned them, and some went so far as being swallowed by the mother (Yikes)!

The Tooth Fairy herself (or himself, that still remains unknown) started to take shape in print in 1927 when Esther Watkins Arnold wrote an eight-page playlet for kids. While in America, the Tooth Fairy took form as a human-like fairy, in many other countries such as Russia, New Zealand and Mexico, the children bury their tooth under their pillows for a mouse or rat. This practice exists because many believe sacrificing a tooth to a rat or mouse will allow the child’s teeth to grow in as strong and sturdy as those of a rodent. The rat, which is also considered the Tooth Fairy, is still expected to leave coins or a small gift under the child’s pillow.

The Tooth Fairy might not be Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny, but inflation is in kid’s favors. Research has shown that on average, children are receiving $3.70 per tooth these days, a 23% increase from last year. Anyone else remember the days when you would be excited to get a dollar?!



DentalOne Partners is thrilled to be celebrating #NationalToothFairyDay, but we want everyone to have fun and enjoy this sweet holiday. Even YOU get to join in on the fun! Just go to our DentalOne Partners Facebook page and look for the Tooth Fairy album. Then browse through all the different and outstanding tooth fairy costume creations and choose your favorite by clicking the “Like” button! The “Tooth Fairy” with the most “Likes” wins a ProSerise tooth brush to keep those pearly whites even whiter.

Information provided by http://www.salon.com/2014/02/09/dont_tell_the_kids_the_real_history_of_the_tooth_fairy/

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