Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Roark Featured in Dentistry Today


As the dental school population continues to increase its number of women graduates, there is an apparent need for the dentistry industry to understand the needs of this rising demographic.

Dr. Cindy Roark, senior vice president and chief clinical officer at DentalOne Partners, recently wrote an article that was published in Dentistry Today, the nation’s leading clinical news magazine for dentists. In this article, she expresses a need for and the benefits of a female workforce in the dental profession, specifically in leadership roles.

Read Dr. Roark’s Dentistry Today article, “Women and the Changing Face of Dentistry” to find out the benefits of hiring more women leaders in dental professions.

Added bonus: At DentalOne Partners, 9 out of 14 executive leaders are women. This statistic, and those similar, create an inspirational draw for women to organizations like DentalOne, because women leaders know the value they would hold. Check out the entire DentalOne Partners executive team here.

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