Dr. Asia Richardson Stars as Guest Expert on WBTV, CBS Affiliate, in Charlotte, North Carolina


Dr. Asia Richardson, an owner of five practices at Dental One, was a recent guest on WBTV, a CBS affiliate. She sat down with the hosts of the lifestyle talk show, Morning Break, and spoke about the benefits of using a sonic toothbrush, specifically the ProSeries+, and flossing daily. There was even an experiment.

The experiment was between using an old-school manual toothbrush and using a modern sonic toothbrush. WBTV Host Kristen Miranda used the manual toothbrush and WBTV Host Coach LaMonte used the ProSeries+.

Dr. Richardson checked their teeth before and after they used the toothbrushes and found they both removed all of the buildup from their teeth. Dr. Richardson was very impressed with Kristen’s brushing skills, since it’s more common for people to leave residue behind when using a manual toothbrush.

Brushing your teeth should be a two-minute process, which can seem like an eternity, but the ProSeries+ can be any tooth’s hero. “When you have a handy timer built into your toothbrush, it helps you with your health,” Dr. Richardson said.

The ProSeries+ performs 40,000 brush strokes in two minutes. It also buzzes every 30 seconds to notify you to change quadrants in your mouth. The high-tech features this toothbrush has are why so many people prefer it over a manual toothbrush.

Interested in a ProSeries+ toothbrush? They are offered at all 160+ of our supported practices across the country.

Some people, however, still prefer a manual or traditional toothbrush. Coach asked, “When it comes to traditional, soft or medium bristles?” Dr. Richardson quickly replied, “Soft, soft, soft. Medium – sometimes you get a good scrub in, and it feels so good, but what you’re doing is scaring away your gums.”

Harming or hurting your gums can lead to increased recession, which can cause more serious issues such as periodontal or gum disease.

Dr. Richardson continued, “Our oral health can mirror what is going on with the rest of our health.” Periodontal disease has been linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, pre-term labor, low birth weight babies, worsening of diabetes, among other issues. “The bacteria and the infection that it causes, causes inflammation to spread to the rest of your body,” Dr. Richardson said.

Along with brushing, flossing is also a very important part of your daily dental care routine no matter your age. Dr. Richardson warned parents, “A child isn’t going to have the manual dexterity to floss alone until they’re about 10 years old, so you do want to oversee your child and their flossing habits.”

To see Dr. Richardson’s full interview, click the video WBTV “Are you brushing correctly?” TV segment.

Dr. Richardson

Dr. Richardson has a lot of personal and educational experience in the dental industry. Currently, she owns five DentalWorks locations in North Carolina: DentalWorks Northcross Village, DentalWorks Charlotte, DentalWorks Concord, DentalWorks Monroe and DentalWorks Hickory.

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