DentalOne’s Recruiting Rockstars

Having a full-time recruiting team is one of the many benefits of working for a DSO supported practice, and “work hard, play hard” seems to be the slogan for the DentalOne Talent Acquisition (TA) team. Nicknamed “The Sharks” for their stealth, yet powerful recruiting skills, the TA team worked even harder during the month of August. Even in a traditionally slow hiring month, TA managed to extend 126 offers last month!

“We’ve spent the last year building a recruitment team and tools that work for the pace and changes in this organization, so it’s incredibly exciting to see results and that it’s all paying off. We have an amazing amount of talent on this team working hard every day to support the innovation of the organization,” said Samantha Oakley, Manager of Staff Talent Acquisition.

Since January, the Sharks were averaging about 80 offers a month between the doctor team and staff team for the supported practices and home office. In June they broke the company record when they extended 105 offers across both teams, and the excitement company-wide was overwhelming. Now in August, that record is a memory as both teams beat their own records, with staff team making 106 offers and doctor team making 17 offers.

The staff recruiters were definitely on a mission. As the team made a large amount of offers quickly during the early part of the month of August, Samantha Oakley and VP of Talent Acquisition, John Whitaker, challenged the staff team to beat the overall record of combined doctor and staff offers reached in June. The staff recruiters needed 106 offer accepts alone to beat that challenge, and it was not going to be easy, especially with Hurricane Harvey pummeling the Texas coast causing interviews to be cancelled and shutting down 13 supported practices.

“We actually ended up getting one offer accepted out of Houston on the day Texas will never forget. I know we have an awesome team, but something told me that if Houston was out, then we won’t be hitting that goal; however, anyone who knows me knows how determined I am,” said Staff Recruiter Katie Mitchell. “I pulled every trick out of my hat and with the teams’ help, we did it!”

Time was ticking down on Thursday, August 31 as the challenge and the day came to a close. The team started out that morning needing nine more offer accepts to reach their 106 goal. Katie Mitchell, Corporate Recruiter Lauren Bolsinger and Staff Recruiter Theresa DiMarco all brought in some last minute offers on Thursday, but the team was still short. Staff Recruiter Cynthia Sheeler sealed the deal with five offers accepted that day, and by 4 p.m. CST the Staff Recruiter team was thrilled to have surpassed not only their goal, but the combined Staff and Doctor Recruiter record!

As DentalOne Partners continues to expand into new cities and states, the entire TA team will continue to inspire quality talent to join the DentalOne team. “One of the reasons we are named the Sharks is that we can never stop moving, and this team won’t with the growth this organization has planned,” said John Whitaker.

If interested you’re in joining the DentalOne team, check out the DentalOne Careers page and get connected with our recruiters!

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