Welcome to Coffee-obsessed and Coffee-stained America #NationalCoffeeDay


It comes hot, cold, sugar-loaded, black, cream-filled, on ice—with so many ways to concoct the perfect coffee, the list is ever growing. Ask any coffee lover, “How do you take it?” and expect countless, different responses fired back.

Everyone’s favorite cure for drowsy mornings contains tannins (the same stuff found in wines, fruit, seeds, etc.) that lead to staining and discoloration of teeth. One known fact about coffee is that it is one of the top teeth stainers of any other beverage or food item, trumping sweets, soda and tea, yet we continue to drink it because it’s so darn good.

Pictured: Dr. Charles Barquet from Creek Crossing Dental Care & Orthodontics

So, let’s brighten and whiten those smiles, coffee drinkers!

Research shows people with whiter teeth are perceived as more socially competent, smarter, more satisfied with their relationships, and more psychologically adjusted, according to The British Dental Journal.

The big news here: whitening is a necessity you didn’t know you needed.

Stop by one of our dental offices today for the Opalescence Go! The teeth whitening kit includes 4 ultra fit trays with the perfect amount of gel already embedded in them for just $35.

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