Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Cindy Roark Featured in The Beacon


Logo credit: AADC and The Beacon


Upward mobility is one of the biggest perks and differences in working for a Dental Support Organization (DSO), in comparison to a private practice. DSOs provide the opportunity to grow beyond a clinical role into new roles with an emphasis on leadership. 

Dr. Cindy Roark, former private practice owner and current senior vice president and chief clinical officer at DentalOne Partners, can speak on this topic firsthand.

She recently wrote an article on upward mobility that was published in The Beacon, the official publication of the American Association of Dental Consultants that informs readers about the latest issues affecting dentistry and dental benefits.

In this article, Dr. Roark talks about gaining upward mobility through learning from others and the personal and career growth opportunities available within a DSO. She also explains how career growth is not solely about titles.

Read Dr. Roark’s The Beacon article, “Upward Mobility: How a DSO Can Help You Reach New Heights,” found on page 16. 

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