Are you in Control?

You may have noticed a rising influence of dental insurance providers making dentists feel like they are not in control when deciding which plans to participate in. You may have also felt the pressure of insurance companies dictating treatment and limiting you from performing your recommended procedures.  

The Solution

Satisfaction is guaranteed when you, as a practice owner, have 100 percent clinical autonomy to provide your diagnosed services and see FFS and PPO patients. Under the DentalOne Partners’ model, you get just that. In addition, you get to use quality labs, determine how many patients you see per day, what procedures you perform and what materials you use.

You also get to decide your personal practice philosophy and its implementation with the collaboration of your staff and supporting management team. You evaluate your successes and your failures and set your own personal practice goals. You decide what type of dentist you want to be. Let the DentalOne Partners’ model enable you to take control of every aspect of your practice inside and out.

What are you waiting for? Practice dentistry the way you see fit! Click here to view our current Dentists openings across the country.


Author: Kathy Marin, Regional Dentist Recruiter

Kathy brings 30 years of insightful business experience centered on operations and recruiting.

Kathy’s goal is to be an active contributor to the professional growth of DentalOne supported practices by helping the most qualified and passionate professional dentists achieve their career goals.

Fun Fact: In her spare time, Kathy is an avid skydiver and continues to soar to new heights!

Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn!

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