3 Tips for Increasing Dental Office Team Productivity

In dentistry, just as in all healthcare fields, providing the best care for your patient is of the utmost importance.  But for a dental practice, productivity can dramatically impact profitability.  It is a delicate balance. You never want the patient to feel rush, ignored, or like they are not receiving good dental care and instruction.  However, you need to balance that with optimizing dental practice team productivity so that your office can run as efficiently as possible which will maximize profit.  The entire dental office team plays a role in productivity and if productivity breaks down in one area, a domino effect may be created and it will break down in other areas.  Below are 5 tips for increasing dental office team productivity so that your practice can maximize both the patient experience and profitability.

3 Tips for Increasing Dental Office Team Productivity

1.  Evaluate How Long Processes Actually Take

Many practices make the mistake of calculating how much time each patient needs based on how long processes take at other dental practices on average.  But, every dental practice is unique and how long processes and procedures take will depend on number of factors including the size of the office, number of staff members, and how quickly unique staff members work.  Take some time to really evaluate how long processes and procedures take and look for areas where efficiency may be able to be improved.  Don’t use an average, it may be more time than a patient actually needs!  If you notice that you are scheduling more time per patient than they actually need, make a shift so that you can allow for more appointments in a day. Use a calculation based on your unique practice and you will be able to improve efficiency in your office.

2.  Implement Better Organizational Systems

By implementing better organizational systems such as color coding can help make it easier to find instruments and materials that are necessary for an appointment.  If you shave two minutes off of each appointment in a day, you will have more room for additional appointments in your calendar.

3.  Improve Communication

There are many different ways to communicate within a dental office.  If a dental hygienist is in with a patient it can be difficult to let them know their next patient is waiting because you either cannot or do not want to walk into a room and interrupt an appointment.  Using electronic notification systems can streamline communication and help a patient’s appointment move more smoothly and efficiently which will ultimately allow you to see more patients in a day.

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