5 Tips for a Creating a Successful Dental Practice

Every dental practice wants to provide great care to its patients and ultimately, it wants to be successful.  Many practices are looking for ways to improve their dental practice and make it more profitable.  It can be tough to establish a dental practice, grow a loyal patient-base, and continually attract new patients while providing great care.  Dental industry professionals have gone to additional schooling and put time and energy into their education and those efforts should be rewarded with a successful dental practice.  Below are 5 tips for creating a successful dental practice.


1.  Build a Great Team

You can’t do it alone. Even if you are a great dentist, you still need an Operations Leader/front office support and a dental hygienist.  Whether you have a small or large practice, the success of your practice will often hinge on the type of team you have built.  If you don’t take the time to carefully interview candidates and find the right people, patients will not want to return to your dental practice.  If you hire people that are positive, motivated, great team players that provide excellent patient care then you have a recipe for success.

2.  Outstanding Patient Service

Even if you have people that are nice enough on your team, if they don’t provide excellent patient care then patients may not be satisfied.  A successful dental practice hinges on great patient care because when patients receive great service, not only are they happy and more likely to return, but they are also more likely to tell others about your dental practice.

3.  Flexible Financial Options

Today’s patients want flexible financial options when it comes to receiving and paying for dental care.  In addition to accepting insurance, patients like to have convenient payment options such as accepting both debit and credit cards, accepting cash payments, and having financing available.  By having this variety you make it easier for patients to say “yes” to receiving the dental treatment they need for optimal dental health.

4.  Create an Effective Marketing Plan

Word of mouth advertising is certainly an old stand-by and effective way to receive free marketing.  But, in today’s world, dental practices need to have a modern and effective marketing plan to create a successful dental practice.  This includes a website, social media profiles, SEO, exclusive offers and incentives for followers, consistent & routine updates of social media profiles and website, email marketing, community outreach, advertising in local publications, and more.

5.  Offer Special Procedures or Specialize Your Practice

If your city is like most, there is more than one dental practice for patients to choose from.  You need to try to grab a corner of the market that your competitor is not and draw in patients.  By offering special procedures or completely specializing your practice, you provide a unique service that patients may not be able to get elsewhere which means they will likely come to you for their special dental needs.

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