4 Tips for Getting a Great Job As A Dental Assistant

So you have gone to school, put in hours at class, studied hard and graduated from an accredited dental hygienist program – now what?  The hope of any new graduate is to have a job waiting when school is over but the job hunt can feel intimidating.  Fortunately, there is an abundance of jobs in the dental hygienist field and tremendous job growth is projected for the industry over the next few years.  But, it is important to find not only a great job as a dental hygienist, but one that is the right fit for you.  By following the 4 tips below, you can narrow down your search and set yourself up for success on your job hunt.

1.  Update Your Resume

Do not just use the same resume for every job application that you submit.  Update and tweak your resume according to the job you are applying for.  Use the job description and the dental office setting as guidance when crafting your resume.  Further, do not forget to keep your resume current with any certificates, awards, skills, or accreditation you achieve.

2.  Do Your Research About the Companies at Which You are Applying

It is important that you do not assume every dental practice is the same.  Dental practices are very different depending on the state, the city, and there are even significant differences between nearby competing dental practices.  Some dental practices are small and some are very large.  Some are driven by providing outstanding, personalized service, some are driven by technology, some are driven by special services they provide, some are very new and some have been around for decades.  Take your time to learn about the dental practice by visiting their website, asking about the office climate from someone you know at the practice, or any other way you can think of.

3.  Practice Your Interview Skills

Research common dental hygienist interview questions and take some time to think about how you might answer them.  Ask a friend or family member to conduct a practice interview with you and ask them to throw in a few unexpected questions.  By practicing and thinking about your answers, you will have much better responses prepared and be able to better respond to the unexpected.  Composure and eloquence under pressure can only help you when interviewing for a job.

4.  Work with a Dental Support Organization to Find a Job

When you want to find the perfect dental hygienist job for you, a job board the aggregates all job openings in all industries in one place is not the best place to start.  Work with a dental support organization, such as Dental One Partners, that can connect you with dental industry jobs.

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