6 Common Dental Hygienist Interview Questions

No matter what industry in which you work, going to a job interview is not easy for most people.  Job interviews can be a very nerve-wracking experience so learning what common interview questions are can help you prepare in advance.  Take time to read through the questions and prepare honest, upbeat, accurate answers for the questions.  With your prepared answers, you will know how you want to answer almost any question that comes your way so that you can give yourself the best chance of getting the job.

6 Common Dental Hygienist Interview Questions

1.  Do you consider yourself independent or a team player?

Explain that while you are an independent thinker and creative problem solver, that you are also a team player.  Any dental practice wants someone that doesn’t need to be micromanaged but that always looks out for the best interest of fellow employees and the dental practice as a whole.

2.  How would a friend or family member describe you?

This is an opportunity to highlight your strengths and positive attributes.  Keep it personal and interesting yet upbeat and light.

3.  What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Nobody wants to describe their weaknesses in an interview so try to put the most positive spin on your answer.  Stay focused on presenting your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.  If you pinpoint a weakness, be sure to immediately follow it by explaining how you have actively worked to overcome the weakness.  Avoid highlighting a weakness that is an essential part of being a dental hygienist and instead discuss a different area.  Don’t be scared to brag about your strengths, it is your time to shine and you should be proud of what makes you a strong candidate for the job.

4.  Describe a difficult situation you encountered in the field and how you handled it.

Perhaps you have encountered a difficult situation with a frustrated or upset patient.  That is a reality of the job and a dental practice will encounter that at one point or another.  If that is the case, it may be best to describe how you always try to listen and bend over backwards to accommodate the patient.  When you put the patient first and provide the best service possible then you have remained calm in a difficult situation and done everything you can.

5.  How comfortable do you feel educating patients about dental home care?

This is a chance to show off your knowledge and how you develop raport with patients.  Explain how you get to know the patient and provide at-home dental care advice that is accurate yet personalized to their unique dental needs.

6.  Why do you want to work for our practice?

Prepare ahead of time and do your research about the practice.  Nothing will impress the interviewer more than having knowledge about their practice and a specific description of why you want to work for their unique practice.

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