How to Maximize Your Dental Practice Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

To properly establish a dental practice and continue to draw new patients into an existing dental practice, a marketing strategy is a must!  Every business, regardless of industry, needs marketing to grow.  But, no two marketing strategies are the same and there are many different marketing options you can take advantage of today.  Below are 5 easy steps to maximize your dental practice marketing strategy so that you can attract new patients an increase profitability.

1.  Have a Plan

Marketing without a specific strategy and plan will often lead to wasted time and money.  Every dental practice is unique and should custom-tailor their marketing strategy to their unique practice and target market.  When you establish a marketing plan, it is easier and more effective to execute.  Also, with a specific marketing plan in place, it is easier to track progress and see what marketing avenues are working best for your practice.

2.  Utilize Social Media

Don’t write off the importance of social media for your dental practice.  It is important to not only have social media profiles but to be active and present on the profiles.  Today’s modern patient often engages with a business on social media and may even discover your business for the first time on social media.  If a post on social media performs particularly well, you can boost the post for a small monetary amount so that a wider audience sees the post.

3.  Maximize Your Website & SEO

If someone googles your dental practice and you do not show up at the top of the google result, let alone on the first page, that is a problem.  Your dental practice should be easy to find with a simple google search or a prospective patient may give up looking and may never visit your practice.  Not only do you want your dental practice to rank well for the name of your practice, but for other common industry keywords.  This type of keyword targeting is called “SEO” which stands for Search Engine Optimization.  There are many ways to improve website content so that it boosts your SEO.  Also, it is a great idea to improve your website so that it is mobile optimized.  This is important because you want your website to look good on both a computer and a smart phone.

4.  Get Involved in the Community

Participation in local community events or school events is a great way to spread awareness about your dental practice.  Not only does your practice look good for participating in community events and outreach, but it creates brand awareness and recognition and allows you to communicate face to face with potential patients.

5.  Target Your Marketing

Do a little research into who your target market is.  For many dental practices, it is women because they often schedule dental appointments for the family.  Additionally, look into a community need.  Perhaps there are many dental practices but there is no dentist in the area that performs a special procedure that you offer. If that is the case, you may want to target your marketing to that procedure so that you can attract new patients.

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