5 Qualities of a Great Dental Practice Operations Leader

One of the most important team members of any dental practice is the Operations Leader.  While the Operations Leader may interact with patients less than dental hygienists or the dentists themselves, they ultimately help create the atmosphere that the patient experiences.  A wide variety of responsibilities fall on the dental Operations Leader.  When those tasks and the staff are managed well, the whole office runs smoothly and you are able to provide better patient care.  Hiring the best person for the role of dental Operations Leader in your dental practice can be a challenging undertaking.  You want a person that has the right personality, attention to detail and managerial style to effectively and efficiently run your dental practice.  Below are 5 qualities of a great dental practice Operations Leader.

1.  Energetic

A dental practice Operations Leader must be energetic.  A manager is often one of the first people into the office and one of the last people to leave because of important responsibilities.  While a dental Operations Leader does not have to have to boundless energy all day long, they must have the right amount of energy to complete tasks and motivate other employees.

2.  Organized

A dental Operations Leader will wear many hats during the day so organization is the key.  A dental Operations Leader may help with scheduling patient appointments, managing employee payroll, receiving patient payments, managing the marketing budget, budgeting other dental office expenses, ordering dental practice supplies, managing employee vacation/PTO schedules, and more.  With organization, the office will run smoothly.

3.  Inspiring

As dental Operations Leader, you may be in charge of or play an important role in assembling a great team of dental practice employees.  This is an important task because not only do you spend all day working with each other but the kind of team you assemble will directly impact the patient experience.  As dental Operations Leader, if you can not only manage, but inspire your team to be the best, you will have a successful practice.

4.  Problem Solver

A manager in any industry must be a creative problem solver.  When you manage employees or are in charge of how an office is run, you are bound to run into problems.  If you panic, retreat, or become enraged, you will not successfully solve very many problems and your practice will suffer as a result.  If you can find creative solutions to problems in a calm and efficient way, you will help your practice overcome many hurdles.

5.  Outgoing

A dental Operations Leader will have to interact with a wide variety of people each day.  They will have conversations with patients, employees, vendors, insurance agencies and more so they must be comfortable interacting with an array of people in a pleasant and authoritative way.


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