4th Assignment Winners

The fourth and final assignment of the ONE Mission Challenge has been completed—a challenge to become ONE as a company and connect on a new level.

The ONE mobile app launched on July 26, and DentalOne Partners will never be the same. ONE has bridged the gap between corporate and the field. Employees across the country are now engaging and communicating instantaneously—something this company has never experienced before.

The ONE Mission Challenge was meant to motivate employees to get involved and participate on the app through a series of weekly assignments and prizes.

The first assignment was to download the app, log in and follow three channels in addition to the App Tips Channel. There was a total of 40 winners who received a $30 Amazon eGift card.

The second assignment was to “like” at least one piece of content and enable push notifications. There was a total of 30 winners who won a $40 Amazon eGift card.

The third assignment was to submit content on ONE. Employees had the option to submit a photo with a caption or a link. As the assignments got more challenging, the prizes also increased in value. There was a total of 20 winners who received a $60 Amazon eGift card.

The fourth and final assignment was to share one piece of content on the app. Employees had the option to share via a number of mediums: Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, Outlook, WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Any type of share was acceptable.

We had one employee named Mary Louise Nelson who exceeded the basic requirement of sharing one piece of content and instead shared a total of 10! She shared to Facebook seven times, Instagram two times and Pinterest one time. She is a Lab Technician at DentalWorks Memphis Austin Peay in Memphis, Tennessee.

The reward for this assignment was being entered into a drawing for one of 10 Amazon eGift cards worth $125 each. That’s right. You read that correctly! $125!

The winners for the fourth assignment were announced August 14.

One winner said, “Thank you DentalOne. I can’t believe this is happening to me. Wow, what a lucky day. #winner.”

Another winner said, “Grateful!!! Thank you, Communications Team, for blessing me with a $125 Amazon gift card.”

Congratulations to all of the winners of the fourth Mission Critical Assignment:

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