4 Tips for Hiring a Dental Operations Leader

When you own or are in charge of a dental practice, you want to hire the best personnel for your office.  Assembling a good team is more challenging than it sounds and nobody enjoys conducting an endless amount of interviews in the hunt for the right person.  One of the most important people in any dental office is the dental Operations Leader.  Though they are not seeing patients, they keep things running smoothly and assist in overseeing other office personnel.  Every office atmosphere is different so hiring the right Operations Leader is no simple task.  Below are 4 tips for finding and hiring a dental Operations Leader.

1.  Look for Someone that Has Done Their Homework On Your Practice

When hiring someone, you ideally want to find someone that has done their homework about your practice (assuming that it is not a brand new practice). If they display knowledge about your practice, and are able to discuss ways in which they would fit uniquely and effectively into your practice, it shows that they care and possess the kind of managerial skills that you want.

2.  Look for Consistency & Experience

Someone that has bounced around frequently, such as someone that has worked at a different practice every 1 – 3 years, may not have the level of commitment and consistency that you want for your practice. Someone that has stayed for multiple years at each of their jobs shows that they can be consistent and invested in their job.

3.  Look for Someone That Has A Plan

Anyone that is going to be qualified to be a dental Operations Leader is going to have some concrete ideas. A dental Operations Leader has to be creative, efficient, and forward-thinking.  They do not need to have a plan to come in and change things, since they do not know exactly how your office works, but they need to have a good idea how to run an office effectively because the last thing you want to do is micro-manage your dental Operations Leader.

4.  Have More Than One Office Staff Meet the Candidate

While whoever is in charge of hiring will meet with all potential candidates, if you begin to narrow in on someone that you think may be a good fit, have more than one person meet with them. Every person has a different perspective so it is a good idea to get feedback from multiple people with different positions within the practice.

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