4 Things you Don’t Need on Your Resume

You only get one chance to make that critical first impression with your resume. Don’t muddy your chances of catching the eye of an employer by including unnecessary and/or distracting elements in your resume. Here are four things you should leave out:

 #1: Your Picture

While a picture is worth a thousand words, putting your photograph on your resume is pretty worthless. It may also be perceived as unprofessional, distracting and perhaps just a wee bit desperate. While you look marvelous, please save your pearly whites for your LinkedIn profile! Don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Get one! Be sure to follow our page while you’re at it!

#2: Irrelevant Work Experience

While you may have enjoyed that college job checking IDs at the Tipsy Rooster, you’ve done many more relevant things since then. You’ve got a limited amount of space to work with. Don’t clutter your resume with jobs that aren’t relevant to the position you’re applying for. Work experience from 20 years ago is not needed. No one wants to look at a three-page resume. If you are a recent graduate with little to no experience in your field, don’t neglect to list the jobs you’ve had in addition to your education. Showing your ability to hold down a job for a lengthy period of time is better than listing no work history at all. 

#3: Your Address

Don’t waste vital resume space by including your address. Since location is guaranteed to be discussed in your interview, it’s not necessary to provide it on your resume. Save that critical white space to showcase your experience instead.

#4: An Unprofessional Email Address

While catlady2000 and skaterboy97 are pretty catchy, save them for correspondence with your friends and family. Pet names and kitschy sayings don’t belong in your professional email address. They may detract from your skills and make you appear as a less serious candidate to employers. If need be, open a separate Gmail account with simply your name or initials for the sake of professionalism. Remember, your future employer will be looking at it – keep it professional.

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Author: Anna Patrick, Regional Hygiene Recruiter

Anna Patrick is the Regional Hygiene Recruiter for the West Region and has been with the company since July of 2016. She received the Set the Bar Award from the DentalOne operations team for going above and beyond as a supportive team member. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University and

Fun Fact: Anna has a boxer dog named Lula!

Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn

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