4 Interview Don’ts

You fired off your resume to the employer of your dreams with your fingers crossed, and lo and behold, you got an interview! Congratulations, but before you head off to meet with your prospective employer, here are four interview don’ts you need to avoid at all costs.

#1: Don’t Dress Unprofessionally

The way you physically present yourself is extremely important when you’re interviewing for any position. It doesn’t matter if you have an interview at a snow cone stand, you should always dress to impress! Dressing from head to toe in professional attire is a must. Remember, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

#2: Don’t Bring Your Cellphone

NO, NO AND NO!!! When is it acceptable to bring a cellphone to an interview? NEVER EVER EVER! You need to turn off your phone before you step out of your car, bike, train, scooter or whatever form of transportation you arrive in. I realize we’re in the digital age, but can you go back to the Stone Age for just one hour to show you care about your career?

#3: Don’t Talk Badly About Your Employers

Keep in mind this is a professional interview and anything you say, even if it’s true, is a reflection of who you are as a person. The last thing a future employer wants to hear is how horrible your last job was. Any negative comments you make could give your interviewer the wrong impression and raise red flags. The last thing you want is for him or her to view you as the problem instead of your current or previous boss, so save your venting for your best friend.  

#4: Don’t Discuss Pay too Soon

Discussing pay too soon can not only make you look bad, but it can also jeopardize your chances of landing your dream job. An employer will always bring up compensation when the time is right. When you ask about pay too soon, you may come across as desperate and give the impression that you only care about the money. An employer wants to know you genuinely care about making the company successful before discussing pay. The compensation talk is the cherry on top of everything else. Remember, good things come to those that wait.

Being granted an interview is an opportunity to show a prospective employer what you’re made of. Always put your best foot forward, and keep it professional. So avoid these four interview don’ts, because by steering away from them, you will increase your chances of landing the job of your dreams.

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Author: Katie Mitchell, Regional Staff Recruiter 

Katie joined the DentalOne family nine months ago. She has five years of recruiting experience under her belt. 

Fun Fact: Katie was a competitive tennis player for the United States Tennis Association for many years. 

Be sure to connect with her LinkedIn!

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