3rd Assignment Winners

The ONE Mission Challenge is more than halfway through! This is a four-week challenge to connect employees across the country via the ONE mobile app. Everyone from Colorado to Pennsylvania is now able to engage and communicate in real time.

The first assignment was to download the app, log in and follow three channels in addition to the App Tips Channel. There was a total of 40 winners who received a $30 Amazon eGift card.

The second assignment was to “like” at least one piece of content and enable push notifications. As the challenges have gotten more challenging, the prizes have also increased in value. There was a total of 30 winners who won a $40 Amazon eGift card.

The third assignment was to submit content on ONE. Employees had the option to submit a photo with a caption or a link. We had one employee named Lillian Flores who went above and beyond and shared 12 pieces of content. She is a Patient Relations Coordinator at Willis Point Dental Care in Willis, Texas.

Here are her 12 posts:


The reward for this assignment was being entered into a drawing for one of 20 Amazon eGift cards worth $60 each.

The winners for the third assignment were announced August 14. One winner said, “This is so exciting!! Thank you so very much!!”

Another winner said, “I’m over the top excited about being a winner!!!”

We had one doctor win during this third assignment. His name is Brand Roger, but he goes by “ToothNinja.”

Congratulations to all of the winners of the third Mission Critical Assignment:

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