3 Things you Need to Know About Dental Support Organizations

Being supported by a Dental Support Organization (DSO) comes with countless benefits. From marketing support to IT assistance, there are endless possibilities to achieve success with the resources a DSO provides. Below are the top three things you need to know about a DSO:

#1: Network

Most dentists come out of dental school with a plan. A plan that usually consists of landing a job that allows for growth and that will hopefully later on turn into an opportunity for ownership. That task can be daunting and exhausting, especially after four long years of dental school. If you’re willing to, moving can open up your options. If not, then you are limited to the town you call home. Joining a Dental Support Organization (DSO) provides a built-in network of dentists for you. You can start in one position, and if your goals or plans shift, the network within the DSO can help you. Not only is this a network for job options, but it can also serve as a sounding board. You have a team at your disposal to learn and grow in your treatment planning and personality as a provider.

#2: Dentistry Without the Headache

You went to dental school for four LONG years, so now what? Maybe even longer if you entered into a residency. Obviously you need a job, because you most likely have mountains of debt. The question is what does that job look like and where can you find it? Let’s say you find a job, but ultimately want to own or partner at a practice. How do you do this? What are the financial burdens? What practices are even offering this? When will this happen? When the owner retires? These are all questions that will loom over you. What if there was another option? What about being in a practice, having ownership over your treatment planning and having a partner who helps your business succeed? Does that sound nice? Guess what? That can be you! Being supported by a DSO provides the perfect work/life balance, too. You get to do what you love, and the DSO provides you with administrative and operational support. I mean, maybe you went to business school too (if so, KUDOS to you), but for those who didn’t, let us help you, so you can help your patients!

#3: Proven Success

Unless you plan on moving to your hometown and being an apprentice under your family dentist in hopes of eventually taking over his or her practice, landing a position in a successful office can be a HUGE risk. Owners can talk about their production and sell you on the idea of owning a private practice, but that doesn’t guarantee success. At DentalOne Partners, we have numbers to show that our model works. We provide you a supportive and experienced management team who takes care of all the administrative duties while you focus on patient care. Become part of a company that has proven success, and join the wonderful providers who believe in the work they do.

Don’t just take our word for it! Read Dr. Asia Richardson’s article in Group Dentistry Now titled, “Reflecting on Life’s Decisions: Why a DSO was Right for Me.”

If you want an endless amount of operational support along with the ability to focus on your patients’ oral health, discover what our current Dentists openings are around the country!


Author: Katie Hart, Doctor Recruiter

Katie is the team newbie! She joined DentalOne five months ago. She received her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Le Moyne College in New York. She was also a college athlete.

Fun Fact: Katie is the tallest recruiter on the doctor recruiting team.

Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn!

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