2nd Assignment Winners

The ONE Mission Challenge continues—a four-week challenge to engage and connect on a new level via the ONE mobile app. The first assignment consisted of downloading the app, logging in and following three channels in addition to the App Tips Channel. There was a total of 40 winners who received a $30 Amazon eGift card.

The second assignment was to “like” at least one piece of content and enable push notifications. The reward was being entered into a drawing for one of 30 Amazon eGift cards worth $40 each.

The post with the most “likes” was an announcement about the second assignment and how to complete it. It came in with a whopping 238 “likes.”

We even had some overachievers! 19 employees liked more than 100 posts!

The winners for the second assignment were announced August 8. One winner said, “I won, I won, I won!”

Another winner said, “So excited I won!!”

We had a total of four doctors who won during this second assignment.

Congratulations to all of the winners of the second Mission Critical Assignment:

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