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Dental One Partners established the University Alliance Program (UAP) to complement formal academic studies with in-practice experience. The UAP partners with accredited schools throughout the country to offer opportunities for enrolled students who require enriched clinical hours for graduation, or to alumni ready to partake in a flexible environment learning alongside experienced staff members. This initiative supports students in multiple roles: Dentist; Hygienists; Hygiene Assistants; Dental Assistants; Orthodontic Assistants; Endodontic Assistants; Oral Surgery Assistants; Perio Assistants; EFDA; and EDDA’s.

To provide your program with a quality experience for your students and or alumni with the opportunity to work with established doctors, latest technology, products, innovative procedures and more, please email:

Resource link for your alumni and or current students:

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What about ME? WE give you:

  • Enriched Clinical Program Support: Partner with compliant organization who’s primary focus is servicing safe, effective dental care.
  • Seasoned staff Support/ Professional Resources: Network with world class professionals in all areas of Dentistry – General, Endo, Perio, Ortho, and Oral Surgery.
  • Innovative trends: Innovative treatment solutions, equipment and products! Current technology!
  • Career path/Professional Growth: Offer Students Placements- Via Glassdoor - We’re recognized as one of the "25 Hot Companies to Apply to Today"
  • Success Reports! Track your Alumni’s success if placed with us!

About Dental One

We believe in finding smart people and then doing what it takes to keep them happy and engaged. Creating relationships is what we do. We support over 160 practices in 13 states. Where do you want to be?

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