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Dental One Partners established the University Alliance Program (UAP) to complement formal academic studies with in-practice experience. The UAP partners with accredited schools throughout the country to offer opportunities for enrolled students who require enriched clinical hours for graduation, or to alumni ready to partake in a flexible environment learning alongside experienced staff members. This initiative supports students in multiple roles: Dentist; Hygienists; Hygiene Assistants; Dental Assistants; Orthodontic Assistants; Endodontic Assistants; Oral Surgery Assistants; Perio Assistants; EFDA; and EDDA’s.

To provide your program with a quality experience for your students and or alumni with the opportunity to work with established doctors, latest technology, products, innovative procedures and more, please email:

Resource link for your alumni and or current students:

Successful Compensation Negotiation 101 – Part 3

Is This the Right Offer for You?

After reading Successful Compensation Negotiation 101 – Part 1 and Part 2, you know what you’re worth and what you want, and you’re prepared to communicate this to your prospective employer. Due to the time you’ve invested in research and your open communication, you’re viewed as a serious and viable candidate.

You got the offer! Congrats! Now what?

    • Don’t say YES right away unless you are absolutely positive this is exactly what you want. Review the offer in detail. Review the benefits. Have a question? Ask. Taking a new job is a huge step in your life, and you should treat the offer as such. There is nothing that looks worse than verbally accepting and then negotiating afterwards.
    • Give the recruiter a clear timeline on when you will get back to them. If you want to review overnight, say you will let them know your answer first thing in the morning. Need a couple days?  Say you will give them your final answer in 48 hours. Longer than 48 hours is usually not suggested.
    • Something doesn’t look right? Talk to the recruiter, and be honest. You initially told them you were looking for $75,000, and you were told that was possible. Now, the offer says $70,000. Usually, there is a reasonable explanation – maybe the new bonus potential and benefits you will be receiving heavily outweigh the $5,000 you are not receiving in base. 
    • Perhaps there was a change in plans. Maybe you just received an unexpected increase in pay or a larger bonus. We get it – things change – just have a conversation with your recruiter. If something can be done, he or she will do everything possible to get you what you want. Don’t forget, recruiters want to get top talent in the door just as much as you want that top salary. If nothing can be done, then it’s time to sit down, and think about the offer and why you started looking! 

You’ve made a tremendous impression throughout your interview process to the point that the prospective employer wants you to be part of the team. Don’t let impulsivity, indecisiveness or lack of transparency detract from that.

Taking the time to seriously consider an offer from all angles and communicating effectively with your recruiter, will ensure you’re making the best decision and will greatly benefit your relationship with your new employer in the long run.

Still looking for that dream job? Check out our current job openings for Hygienists, Dentists, Operations Leaders, Dental Assistants and more!


Author: Lauren Bolsinger, Special Contributor

Lauren graduated from the University of Mississippi and has three and a half years of recruiting experience under her belt. 

Fun Fact: Lauren has an obsession with Indian food.  It is her absolute favorite!

Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn

Get the Work-Life Balance you Deserve

While dentistry may be physically taxing, a good night’s sleep is typically the remedy. However, the fatigue that comes from the mental stress of managing all aspects of a dental practice is not easily remedied, especially when you end up going home late at night, because you were busy filing papers and dealing with insurance claim issues after hours. And by the time you walk through the door to see your family, you have no mental energy left. This can leave you feeling like a hamster on a wheel when it becomes your weekly routine.

The Solution

As a dentist, you have the ability to not only relieve pain but enable those who haven’t smiled in a long time to exude confidence as they face the world. The DentalOne Partners’ model gives you the ability to change people’s quality of life while at the same time preserving your own well-being, because it provides you with a management team that supports you in all of the operational and administrative aspects of running a successful practice.

Being able to focus on patient care instead of dealing with the exhaustion of running the ins and outs of a practice, leaves you with more time to impact every patient you treat and more energy to enjoy your life outside of work. Instead of staying behind to do administrative work after hours while already being mentally drained from multitasking all day long, imagine having the peace of mind to go home and spend time with your family worry-free.

A work-life balance is 100 percent achievable when you let DentalOne support you administratively. You deserve to not only focus on patient care but also enjoy your personal life. Click here to see our current Dentists openings across the country.


Author: Kathy Marin, Regional Dentist Recruiter

Kathy brings 30 years of insightful business experience centered on operations and recruiting.

Kathy’s goal is to be an active contributor to the professional growth of DentalOne supported practices by helping the most qualified and passionate professional dentists achieve their career goals.

Fun Fact: In her spare time, Kathy is an avid skydiver and continues to soar to new heights!

Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn!

Home Office Employee of the Month: March 2018

We are excited to honor Audrey Cauthen-Smith as the Home Office Employee of the Month for March 2018. 

As a Dental Support Organization (DSO), the mission of the Home Office is to support clinicians and the team members who manage their practice operationally.

One aspect of Audrey’s exceptional support includes rebuilding our leasing process and national broker network to create a significant cost savings. She was instrumental in opening 26 new locations in 2017, of which 23 were successful Sears migrations that took place on an accelerated timeframe. Audrey also played a key role in negotiating our eventual move to the new corporate office in Plano, Texas.

She has been at the forefront of managing DentalOne’s entire portfolio, which encompasses more than 160 practices. With her recent promotion to Senior Director of Development, Audrey took on an even greater leadership role with the additional responsibility of construction and facilities. We are lucky to have her versatility and expansive knowledge leading all development initiatives.

Please join us in congratulating and thanking Audrey for her dedication and results-oriented attitude that supports all practices across the country.

3 Things you Need to Know About Dental Support Organizations

Being supported by a Dental Support Organization (DSO) comes with countless benefits. From marketing support to IT assistance, there are endless possibilities to achieve success with the resources a DSO provides. Below are the top three things you need to know about a DSO:

#1: Network

Most dentists come out of dental school with a plan. A plan that usually consists of landing a job that allows for growth and that will hopefully later on turn into an opportunity for ownership. That task can be daunting and exhausting, especially after four long years of dental school. If you’re willing to, moving can open up your options. If not, then you are limited to the town you call home. Joining a Dental Support Organization (DSO) provides a built-in network of dentists for you. You can start in one position, and if your goals or plans shift, the network within the DSO can help you. Not only is this a network for job options, but it can also serve as a sounding board. You have a team at your disposal to learn and grow in your treatment planning and personality as a provider.

#2: Dentistry Without the Headache

You went to dental school for four LONG years, so now what? Maybe even longer if you entered into a residency. Obviously you need a job, because you most likely have mountains of debt. The question is what does that job look like and where can you find it? Let’s say you find a job, but ultimately want to own or partner at a practice. How do you do this? What are the financial burdens? What practices are even offering this? When will this happen? When the owner retires? These are all questions that will loom over you. What if there was another option? What about being in a practice, having ownership over your treatment planning and having a partner who helps your business succeed? Does that sound nice? Guess what? That can be you! Being supported by a DSO provides the perfect work/life balance, too. You get to do what you love, and the DSO provides you with administrative and operational support. I mean, maybe you went to business school too (if so, KUDOS to you), but for those who didn’t, let us help you, so you can help your patients!

#3: Proven Success

Unless you plan on moving to your hometown and being an apprentice under your family dentist in hopes of eventually taking over his or her practice, landing a position in a successful office can be a HUGE risk. Owners can talk about their production and sell you on the idea of owning a private practice, but that doesn’t guarantee success. At DentalOne Partners, we have numbers to show that our model works. We provide you a supportive and experienced management team who takes care of all the administrative duties while you focus on patient care. Become part of a company that has proven success, and join the wonderful providers who believe in the work they do.

Don’t just take our word for it! Read Dr. Asia Richardson’s article in Group Dentistry Now titled, “Reflecting on Life’s Decisions: Why a DSO was Right for Me.”

If you want an endless amount of operational support along with the ability to focus on your patients’ oral health, discover what our current Dentists openings are around the country!


Author: Katie Hart, Doctor Recruiter

Katie is the team newbie! She joined DentalOne five months ago. She received her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Le Moyne College in New York. She was also a college athlete.

Fun Fact: Katie is the tallest recruiter on the doctor recruiting team.

Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn!

Successful Compensation Negotiation 101 – Part 2

How Much are you Making and What do you Expect?

After reading Successful Compensation Negotiation 101 – Part 1, you’ve done your homework. You know what your skills and experience command in the workplace based on location and industry. You also know what’s important to you in a new job, because you’ve done some much needed soul searching. Now that you’re armed with that vital information, you’re ready to start interviewing with prospective employers. You can count on being asked about your current compensation/expectation, so how do you answer that question?

First, did you know there are laws that make this question illegal in certain parts of the U.S.? Business Insider published an article that lays out the nine places where the dreaded salary question is currently illegal or going to be illegal in 2018. However, if you don’t live or aren’t searching for a job in those nine places:

  • Be honest when initially asked and be prepared for the question.
  • Candidates often act surprised when a recruiter asks them what they are currently making/expecting during the initial phone call. It is our job to ensure the company is a good fit for you, and you are a good fit for the company. Recruiters ask this question wanting an honest answer, because when and if the offer stage of the interview process arrives, we want to make sure you are happy and get you to accept what we can offer.
  • Think of all the monetary aspects when answering this question. Do you need relocation?  Do you have a bonus you will be walking away from? How much of an increase do you want? (Do your research, if you are reaching for the stars, then you need to have the skillset to back up that request.) All of these questions are being asked, so that expectations are set from the get go – no surprises.

Being prepared to answer the compensation question will benefit you as you move through the interview process. An open and honest dialogue on this issue will help ensure your needs are met when you receive that offer.

Still hunting for that dream job? Be sure to check out our current job openings for Hygienists, Dentists, Operations Leaders, Dental Assistants and more!


Author: Lauren Bolsinger, Special Contributor 

Lauren graduated from the University of Mississippi and has three and a half years of recruiting experience under her belt. 

Fun Fact: Lauren has an obsession with Indian food.  It is her absolute favorite!

Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn

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